Custom Student PDF Report

Pick and choose which past sessions to print for an individual. Save for your records or send home!

1. (Get there two ways) First way: Click on “Print Options” in the sub-menu bar, find the student’s row whom you wish to create a PDF report. Click the PDF in the far right row.

customStudentPDF 1

2. Second Way: From the “Class” page, choose the student whom you wish to create a PDF report. Click the button in the upper right corner titled “Create Student PDF”.

customStudentPDF 2

3. Once on the “Create PDF Report” page, add a note to display at the top of the page. (You can always leave this blank). Choose which session you would like to include by clicking and selecting the row; or use the “Quick Select” buttons to select only the latest session for each subject, all sessions, no sessions. Note: if no sessions are selected, the report will be blank.

customStudentPDF 3

4. Click "Create PDF Report" at the bottom of the page, and your shiny new PDF will appear! Note: If you want to email this to a parent/guardian, first save it to your machine, and attach it to an email in your preferred email client. Here is a sample PDF Report:

customStudentPDF 4

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