Real-time Student Sharing*

A teacher can share a student in their class with any other teacher who confers with that student and has a CCPensieve Premium account. Both teachers can then see the past conferring sessions relating to that student. Learn More

Printer Friendly PDF Reports*

There are many different PDF report options, one being for an individual student and their past conferring sessions. You can also include comments and notes about the student such as their strengths, then choose all or some of the their past conferring sessions. Once the PDF is created it can be saved, printed or emailed to keep for your personal record or to send home to parents. Learn More

Calendar to schedule meetings

The calendar shows upcoming meetings with students and groups to keep track of when they need to meet with students.

Reading, Writing, Group, and Other Conferring

You have the option to confer individually with a student for reading, writing or other (math, word work, etc.) or with a group of students working on the same reading strategy.

Individual CAFE Menu per Student

As conferring sessions are documented, an individual CAFE Menu is automatically populated with the strategies the student has learned.

Self Populating Keeping Track Sheet

Shows how often each student is being met with for each of the conferring types. The dates automatically pull from the conferring session and display in a chart so the user does not have to keep track of this data themselves.

*Premium Membership Required

Reading Level Data Sheet

Students’ reading level is documented in a series of snapshots taken by the user. They are displayed in a chart to track progress throughout the year.

Interactive CAFE Menus

Shows all of the CAFÉ goals and strategies and offers links to thedailycafe.com where a user can find downloads, videos, articles and more all pertaining to the respective strategies.

Student Archiving

Students can be archived so they no longer show up in the main class list yet they are not deleted in case you want to see the student's data in the future.

Student Transferring*

Students can be transferred to another CCPensieve user (i.e. at the end of the year) so they have full editing privileges and are able to view all past conferring sessions.

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