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Getting Started/Sign Up
v  I am a member of The 2 Sister's site, TheDailyCafe.com. Do I automatically have access to the CCPensieve?
CCPensieve is a separate, secure website for storing knowledge about your students and workflow in 'the Cloud,' and requires its own membership.
v  How can I sign up more than one person at a time?
Please email us at info@ccpensieve.com in order to complete the group membership process.


  • First and Last Names
  • Email Addresses
  • How you would like to complete payment

v  Is the CCPensieve easy for members to access?
Yes! Yes! It is a website which can be accessed from any browser using any computer or device with an internet connection. You just need your login in order to use it on your desktop, laptop, iPad or other tablet while at school, at home, etc.
v  What are my options for subscribing to The Daily CAFE?
When you and one other teacher sign up for both websites at the same time, you each get CCPensieve Premium and The Daily CAFE for $99 for one year. Larger discounts apply to groups of 20 or more.
The Daily CAFE subscription rate is otherwise $69 per year.
v  Will access to CAFE Menu–related content change when the new Daily CAFE website launches in July?
When The Daily CAFE website launches in July, you can enroll as an Entry-level member (for free) and get three articles of your choosing each month. You will be given short-term and annual subscription options if you wish to access more CAFE Menu–related content from The Daily CAFE.
v  How do I change my password?
Here is a screenshot tutorial, with step-by-step instructions. If you have forgotten your password, go to the password retrieval section of the login page.
v  How do I change my email?
Here is a screenshot tutorial, with step-by-step instructions. But instead of changing your password at the bottom, change your email at the middle of the page.
v  I forgot my password. Can you give it to me?
Here is a screenshot tutorial, with step-by-step instructions, or simply go to the password retrieval section of the login page.
v  I love to confer with my iPad, does the CCPensieve work for my iPad?
Yes! As long as you are connected to the internet. Also, make sure you have JavaScript enabled. To do this, go into 'Settings', click 'Safari' on the left bar, then slide the JavaScript option to 'ON'.
v  How do I share a student with another teacher for the ultimate Curricular Coherence?
Sharing a student with another teacher is simple. To do this, go into a student's conferring corner, and click "Sharing Details" found in the student's info box on the right. From there, you can share the student by typing in another premium CCPensieve user's email address. Once shared, the student will automatically appear in the other teacher's Shared Students list. Or, follow along with a screenshot tutorial.
v  Is there a limit on the number of students I can share with another teacher?
No, you can share as many students with another teach as you like. Check out this screenshot tutorial to learn how to share all of your students with another teacher at one time.
v  Why do only certain subjects show up on my Keeping Track and student/group pages?
Subject tabs only appear as sessions are added for that subject. If you cannot see a Math tab on your keeping track, it is because you have not added any math sessions. This is because we want to keep a simple look and do not want to always show you the Social Studies tab if you will never be adding sessions of that subject. Learn more in this tutorial.
v  I teach multiple classes, how can I access my students without seeing all 60 students mixed up on my class page?
We have some options for making this easier for you. Create a group titled Class 1, Class 2, etc. and adding all students in each class to the each respective group. That way, when you login, you can go right to groups and see the list of all of your students in each class rather than seeing all of the students combined from your homepage. If you would rather not navigate to groups first, you can also rename the students to be 1 Rebecca (for class 1) and 2 Juan (for class 2) that way all of the students get ordered by class.

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